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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Making Money On The Internet - [part 3]

          The ptc site we will be focusing on today is Buxdream. I advise every one not to join this site and read everything in the review about it in this post.I used to be a member of this site until I found out that you never receive your money when cashing out.Your cashout just stays in pending mode and you never get it.

This site has all the credentials of a scam site even though it has a forum of which the admin locks different topics on when confronted with payment issues.The site offers 03 cents per click and 03 cents per referral to attract its potential customers.It has a forum to make it more appealing to join but the admin locks down different topics when confronted with issues.
The site also changed its instant payout to manual to make its potential customers think that everything is ok and instead gives the site a chance for its members to invest money into this site of which they will never see.By all means stay away from this site.This site gets no rating but instead gets listed in the hall of shame as SCAM. Just do a review search on the site for yourself and you'll see. Hope this helps.


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